What We Do

We have strongly emphasized the quality, standard and price of our diverse range of products. This emphasis is the cornerstone to what we do. Our constant need to improve and further our horizons led to Innovation


Our dedicated research & development team is a mix of Indian and International capabilities that is constantly striving at improving our product range and building newer capabilities. With our constant drive for innovation, we have grown aggressively in various businesses and products, matching them with international standards. This has helped us launch over 25 unique products under the HP International banner

Quality Objective

Consistency in quality is the main focus for every product team in HP international. We follow a strict quality policy with an objective:

  • To reduce and maintain customer complaints at less than 1% per year
  • To increase customer by 15% every year
  • To plan quality-related training programs, every 2 months
  • To conduct customer surveys every 2 months
  • To implement any need for improvement or upgrade on top priority

Quality Control

HP international follows a strict system of inward testing all raw materials with a specific quality control guidance for each. This includes but is not limited to, QC for chemicals, Density for P.T.F.E rolls, Bust strength testing for ball valves, Pressure testing for plugs, etc. This stringent QC norm ensures the reliability and consistency of our products.


Strong distributions network has always been the cornerstone behind the success of HP International. Having over 45 stock points in India and internationally, that are owned by the company as well as partner distributors, HP international has been able to efficiently reach out to and serve the customers better.